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Brisket - to wrap or not to wrap?

Brisket - to wrap or not to wrap?

Brisket.  Who doesn't love it?

It's the quintessential BBQ cut - just ask anyone from Texas.

Now there are a million ways to go about making a great brisket - from seasoning, to, injecting, to temperature, to time, to wood type, to smoker type, to wrapped vs unwrapped and if wrapped what is it wrapped in, and so much more - one thing is for sure - good brisket is more than just good!

Today, however, we're talking about one thing - to wrap or not to wrap.  To me, there are very few pitmasters that know brisket better than Aaron Franklin.  He is something of a living legend when it comes to Texas BBQ, and he has put out a great video on just this very thing.  So, I leave it for you to decide, oh master of all things grilling.  Here it is, for your viewing pleasure . . .

Like the image?  That's a Brisket I did on my smoker at 225 for about 13 hours after injecting first with a Grill Sergeant Flavor Injector, supplementing the smoke with a Grill Sergeant Smoke Grenade and wrapped in foil at about 165 until it hit 203. . .

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