For those about to grill . . . we salute you.™


Welcome to the Grill Sergeant Family!

Our line of premium, high-quality grilling / smoking tools and accessories is second to none. Every item that bears our logo comes with free shipping and carries our Lifetime Guarantee.

Grill Sergeant stemmed from a deep love of all things grilled!  We wanted high-end accessories that we could count on performing time and time again.  Props to anyone who has ever set an alarm for 3am to inject a beef brisket prior to a 13 hour smoke!

Like the grills and smokers many of us use, Grill Sergeant products aren’t the cheapest - but they truly are the best! We believe that the painstaking effort that we put in testing and developing products truly does make for a top quality product.  Go ahead, give us a shot. You'll see what we mean the first time you lay your hands on any of our products. 

It's time to take your grilling to the next level!