Doing our part - BOGO (Buy One GIFT One)

Our Response to the Coronavirus

Grill Sergeant - Military Gift

BOGO - Buy One, GIFT One


We know that this is a difficult time for so many.  We want to help.

Normally BOGO means "buy one get one".

At Grill Sergeant, though, this now means "buy one GIFT one".  

Until further notice, buy any product - or products - and we'll ship a duplicate order to a Health Care Professional, Front Line Worker, or Military Member of your choice - at no additional charge!

No gimmicks - no sign-ups required - no extra cost. We'll even cover the shipping.

We know the power of getting outside and enjoying the fresh air - even if it's only in our own back yard!

We all need a break - and we're hoping to play even a small part in making the day a little better for our hard working Medical Professionals, Front Line Workers, and Military members.

Here's how it works.

  1. Buy anything from our website
  2. When checking out simply leave us the name and address of the person you'd like to gift
  3. This could be a Nurse, Doctor, Paramedic, Fire Fighter, Therapist, Police Officer, Military Personnel, Health Care Professional, or any other Front Line Worker currently putting their health at risk for our safety!
  4. When we ship out your order (everything is in stock, by the way), we'll duplicate it and send the identical item(s) to the person of your choice!

We would love nothing more than to see images on social media of people getting outside, enjoying the fresh air, and enjoying our products.

Simply tag any images you post with #grillsergeant

Thank you for helping us help those who are putting themselves at risk each and every day.

Click HERE to shop and BOGO now!

Remember - our line of premium, high-quality grilling / smoking tools and accessories is second to none. Every item that bears our logo comes with free shipping and carries our Lifetime Guarantee.