Smoke Grenade - Smoking Tube

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For those about to grill . . . we salute you.™

Welcome to the Grill Sergeant Family!  Our line of premium, high-quality grilling tools and accessories is second to none.  Every item that bears our logo carries our Lifetime Guarantee.  Grill Sergeant products aren’t the cheapest - but they are the best!  Like anything in life - you get what you pay for!

Grill Sergeant 'Smoke Grenade' 12” Stainless Steel Smoker Tube

★ Ridiculous build quality, overbuilt to stand the test of time

Dimensions: 12” x 2” x 2”

 Elevation Bar: Patented Elevation Bar limits spillage and allows for better airflow!

Fuel type: Wood Smoking Pellets.  They are easy to find, not expensive, easy to use, and provide the perfect amount of smoke flavor!

Capacity: 3 US Cups | 709 ML | 24 Fluid Ounces | 1 pound of Wood Pellets

Material: 1mm Thick 304 Stainless Steel - 25% thicker and 31% heavier (13 oz) than virtually every other smoker tube you'll find on the market!

Cold Smoking:  Use in a cold grill or smoker (or box) to cold smoke nuts, cheeses, syrups, fish, scallops, oysters, tomatoes, peaches, capers, eggs, potatoes, olives, and so much more! Over 5 hours of billowing cold smoke!

★ True Smoking: Use this in any grill set up for indirect heat to turn your grill into a smoker!  You can also use this to supplement the smoke in any smoker.

Hot Smoking:  Use in any hot grill to add real smoke flavor to everything you grill!  As the heat rises up and out of the grill vents, the smoke goes with it - but rest assured your food is being inundated with the power of fresh smoke!

Lighting:  Simply fill the Smoke Grenade with wood pellets, set it in place, and light the pellets at the open end of the tube (preferably with a high-output torch). After about 90-120 seconds, blow out the flame for approximately 5 hours of smoke.

Use: Use in ANY type of grill appliance - wood, charcoal, electric, propane or natural gas.

Shape: Square.  Not only do square tubes stay in place when you set them down, but they have a larger capacity.

Hole Pattern: Our proprietary star pattern. You won't find another like it, and the star-shaped holes lend to its awesome smoke output!

Cleaning: Simply hand-wash it or throw it in the dishwasher if it gets dirty.  Most of the time you'll simply blow away any dust left over from the previous smoke and it's ready to go again!